Axxis Head

Color: Black
Style: Strung
Sale price$199.99 USD


stx axxis draw head logo

We've pioneered a product as unique as the role of the athlete that uses it. The STX Axxs tm draw head is designed with one goal in mind: to overrule your opponent and end the draw before it begins. Push or pull with confidence and dexterity. Maximize your potential with the all-new Draw Claw TM technology, and gain possession in the moments that matter. The specialized head shape is designed to nest inside other heads, for advanced control of the ball from the moment the whistle blows.

Manufactured and sold under U.S. Design Patent # D890,871

Key Features

  • The first head ever created specifically for the draw specialist 
  • Draw Claw ™ technology naturally grabs hold of the ball 
  • Unique head silhouette nests within the opponent’s head for ball control 
  • Reinforced Speed Scoop™ for strength and stiffness to power through  ground balls 
  • Shortened throat for increased head maneuverability 

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