Howies Premium Cloth Tape

Color: White
Quantity: Single Roll
Sale price$5.99 USD


Great Lacrosse and Hockey players agree that Howies is an upgrade to traditional lacrosse tape.  Colors that work for faceoff sticks.

From dirty toe drags to tape-to-tape saucers, you play the game with flair.  You realize that style on the ice is as mandatory as sharp skates, and our navy cloth hockey tape does the trick.  We dye it twice to guarantee a spot on color.  Add a thick consistent adhesive to our high-thread count navy cloth and you’ll be ready to snipe top cheese.

 1" x 25yd

  • Highest thread count for maximum durability
  • Stamped adhesive for increased water resistance
  • First choice of pro hockey players everywhere
  • Made in USA

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