Swax Lax Training Weight

Weight: 212-220 g
Sale price$29.99 USD


Swax Lax POWER™ Weights turn any lacrosse stick, including men's, women's, and goalie's, into a training tool that helps develop and strengthen lacrosse-specific muscles and improves a player's stick work. Use the weighted device to pass/catch, scoop, dodge, and shoot without interference to your pocket or shaft. Power Weights are designed exclusively for lacrosse sticks, and for use with any lacrosse ball or lacrosse training balls. No matter what the position, the Power Weights help make players stronger and more confident.

  • Power Weights are made for nearly all sticks — women, men, and goalies.*
  • The Power Weights strap onto the head* of the lacrosse stick instead of the shaft to more closely mimic where the weight of the ball is in the stick. 
  • Excellent for skill work — shooting, catching/throwing, ground balls, dodging, footwork.
  • The weight (212g–220g — approximately the weight of 1.5 lacrosse balls) is perfect for any level player who is trying to work on his/her game. It forces players to focus on their fundamentals and emphasizes the use of lacrosse-specific muscles.
  • You can tell the difference once you remove the weights from your stick and start to play regularly.
  • Swax Lax Power Weights can help players’ confidence when they go back to using their regular stick.
  • Ideal for rebounders.

* Note: Power Weights do not work on warp heads.

How to attach your Swax Lax Power Weights

  • Start by placing the Power Weights on the face of your lacrosse stick. "Swax" logo on the left.
  • Feed the top straps between the plastic and the mesh.
  • Next, wrap the middle straps between the plastic and the mesh.
  • Finish by wrapping the bottom strap around the throat of the stick to tightly secure the Power Weights.
  • Take a minute to adjust and secure each strap so the Power Weights are tight and evenly distributed.

Warning: The Swax Lax Power Weights are for practice and training use ONLY. They are not to be used during official games and should not be used for anything other than their original intent. Straps must fit snugly and properly to minimize risk of injury.

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