Treadbands Low Profile Tie Back Headband

Color: Purple Haze
Sale price$18.00 USD


Our Low-Profile TreadBands are designed for those with smaller heads or enjoy the look of the thinner 1.5" width. The new Low-Profile style will still uphold the non-slip promise originated by the 2.5" All-Terrain Tieback TreadBand. Our patent-pending TreadGrip Strip synthetic rubber with symmetrical patterns provide balanced and consistent grip on the skin, ensuring a headband that will stay in place. TreadBands are perfect for any level of physical activity that include but are not limited to: running, swimming, strength-conditioning, team sports, surfing, hiking, yoga, or rock climbing. We are proud to cut, sew and produce all of our TreadBands in Pennsylvania. TreadBands are designed to keep the sweat out of your eyes and hair out of your face so you can focus on the task, game or challenge at hand.

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